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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does this addon do?

Stremio lets you stream things. Stremio can integrate with Trakt which keeps track of all the episodes/series you have watched. This addon uses your personal Trakt watched list to create custom catalog(s) of series with with only unwatched episodes visible.

These catalogs are a simple way to stay on top of when new episodes or seasons of your watched shows come out.

The catalogs don't look correct, what's going on?

While Trakt's website can show you all of the 'in progress' shows you are watching using the following URL: https://trakt.tv/users/{$YOUR_USER}/progress/watched/activity/asc?hide_completed=true, this information is not exposed via it's API. The Up Next addon is an attempt to construct the same output using the lower level Trakt API's that are available and expose it as a Stremio addon.

The addon is not perfect and there are some edge cases that are not handled correctly. If you find a bug, please reach out on the StremioAddons Discord.

Why are series / episodes missing from the catalogs?

The metadata from Trakt is enriched with data from CineMeta to avoid hitting Trakt API rate limits. This mapping is done using the series IMDB id. If the a show in Trakt does not have an IMDB id associated with it, then it will not be displayed in the catalog.

Additionally, some series in Trakt do not have a 'last aired' episode associated with them which is used to determine if you have any unwatched episode. These series will not be displayed in the catalog.

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